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Upcoming events

    • 30 Jan 2019
    • 20 Mar 2019
    • 8 sessions
    • 106 Bartlett Hall, across parking lot behind our usual 231 Montgomery St
    This popular series of seminars on world affairs attracts participants nationwide. The fee includes a lively booklet with readings, maps and photos, produced by the Foreign Policy Association. The program begins in late January and runs for 8 consecutive weeks on Wednesdays at the most popular time (2-3:30 pm, from our survey last year) to assist more people to participate. Local experts donate their services to lead the seminars. Location is 106 Bartlett Hall, behind our usual Whitley building at 231 Montgomery St. 

    Great Decisions 2019 sessions, with revised dates: issues, and (speakers).
    Wed. January 30: Issue 2, The Middle East: Regional Disorder (Sorenson)
    Wed. February 6: Issue 7, The United States and Mexico: Partnership Tested (Aguilera)
    Wed. February 13: Issue 4, The Rise of Populism in Europe (Batta)
    Wed. February 20: Issue 5, Decoding U.S.-China Trade (Grinter)
    TUE. February 26: Issue 6, Cyber Conflict and Geopolitics (Yannakogeorgos)
    Wed. March 6: Issue 3, Nuclear Negotiations: Back to the Future? (Deaile)
    Wed. March 13: Issue 1, Refugees and Global Migration (Hammond)
    Wed. March 20: Issue 8, State of the State Department and Diplomacy (DoS speaker?)

    Note: books have arrived and if you have not picked up yours, contact <jLewis@huntingdon.edu>. 

    • 09 Apr 2019
    • 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
    • Gold Room, 2nd Floor, Whitley Hall, Troy University Montgomery, 231 Montgomery St. Montgomery, AL
    • 138

    Chayes's trajectory led her from reporting for National Public Radio in Paris to running a soap factory in downtown Kandahar in the midst of a reigniting Afghan insurgency. Tapped to advise the topmost levels of the U.S. military, she served as special adviser to two commanders of international forces in Afghanistan and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, before a five-year stint at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Her work has uncovered the unrecognized reality that severe and structured corruption lies at the root of many international crises, from extremist violence to political uprisings that spin out of control. Her findings have sobering implications for the United States, which she will discuss.

    Chayes is author, most recently, of Thieves of State: Why Corruption Threatens Global Security, winner of the LA Times Book Prize, and is working on a new book which explores kleptocracy in America.

    • 07 May 2019
    • 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
    • Gold Room, 2nd Floor, Whitley Hall, Troy University Montgomery, 231 Montgomery St. Montgomery, AL
    The grand finale each year is a report from professors at the Air War College on visits to different areas of the world as part of the Regional and Cultural Studies portion of the curriculum. Three professors will report on their findings from their travel in March and entertain your questions. 

Past events

12 Mar 2019 Dr. Adam Segal, "Technology and Innovation"
12 Feb 2019 Dr. William "Drew" Wagstaff, "China Ascendant"
15 Nov 2018 Dr. Joshua Busby, "Climate Change and National Security: What Do We Know?"
16 Oct 2018 Dr. Grant Hammond, "The Revolution in Security Affairs" [Brought forward]
11 Sep 2018 Dr. Pano Yannakogeorgos, “A World at War With Itself: The Cyber Threat and Globalization”
08 May 2018 Air War College Professors, Regional Reports
11 Apr 2018 General Michael Hayden, USAF (ret), “Global Security”
13 Feb 2018 Professor Gabriel Aquilera, “Venezuela”
23 Jan 2018 Amb. Jack Matlock, PhD, "Russia Then and Now"
23 Jan 2018 Great Decisions 2018 seminar series
16 Nov 2017 Professor Jorge Dominquez, “Cuba: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow”
17 Oct 2017 Professor Loch Johnson, "American Foreign Policy in a World Both Uncertain and Dangerous"
12 Sep 2017 Dr. Mark Conversino for Amb. Jack Matlock, "Russia, Then and Now"
09 May 2017 Panel of Air War College Instructors, "Report to Alabama on Regional Tours"
11 Apr 2017 Ambassador Marc Grossman, "Turkey, Europe and the US"
14 Mar 2017 John Pomfret, journalist, on China
17 Jan 2017 Great Decisions 2017 Seminar Series
10 Jan 2017 US and Korean Officials, “A Celebration of Korea”
15 Nov 2016 Dr. David Sorenson, Air War College, “Requiem for Syria”
18 Oct 2016 Jennifer M. Harris, Council on Foreign Relations, "Geoeconomics and Statecraft"
06 Oct 2016 (copy) International Security Seminar Series
29 Sep 2016 International Security Seminar Series
20 Sep 2016 Ambassador Joseph Wilson, “Africa and the US: Past and Present”
10 May 2016 Air War College Faculty Regional Studies Report.
08 Mar 2016 Philip Brenner: Behind the Scenes of the U.S.-Cuba Turnaround.
27 Jan 2016 Great Decisions Discussion Series
19 Jan 2016 By Special Demand January 19, 2016, "Korea-Win, Lose, or Draw?" with Gen Cleveland
13 Dec 2015 Joe Klein, on Sunday 13 December at 6:30 PM
11 Nov 2015 AWAC National Conference 2015
10 Nov 2015 Osama Siblani
20 Oct 2015 James Clad
22 Sep 2015 Dennis Lockhart sponsored by Johnson Sterling
27 Aug 2015 Peter Zeihan sponsored by Air University, the Alabama World Affairs Council and Auburn Montgomery
01 Jul 2015 Senior Air War College Instructors: Report to Alabama
29 Apr 2015 William Moomaw, "The Future of Energy Worldwide- Affecting the Economy, National Security, and the Environment"

For a complete listing of past events and notes of speeches, please visit http://www.awac.us

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