Dr. Rebecca Grant's TV appearances

17 Nov 2019 10:42 PM | Jeremy Lewis (Administrator)

If you would like to undertake some homework for your questions on Tuesday 19 November, here are some accessible sources. (If searching for videos, beware of two actresses with the same name who -- whatever their other talents -- are not experts on Air Force matters). 

Dr. Rebecca Grant's TV videos on Fox, MSNBC and CNN from about 2017 are found on her IRIS website Media Page here. You will also find a national security Blog and some articles on adjacent IRIS pages. 

For more up to date videos, here's a list of Grant's appearances on Fox News TV, with links.

Here's the link to Rebecca Grant explaining Space Force on Fox News with Tucker Carlson, 2 Feb. 2019, via Facebook or YouTube.

Here's Grant talking about Trump's diplomacy with North Korea in November 2017, on Fox and Friends. 

Here's a demo tape of Grant answering questions about USAF aircraft on YouTube.

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