US-Russian relations event

14 Oct 2019 10:42 AM | Jeremy Lewis (Administrator)

In a well-received discussion of US-Russian relations, Gen. Givhan (our President) reported on the Dartmouth conference of former officials of both countries, held recently outside Moscow. The conference, a cold-war thawing-device that has been revived in recent years to aid in mutual understanding, has been held annually. Dr. Conversino (our Executive Director) gave an over-the-pole strategic view in which there is not the same ideological conflict as in the cold war, yet Russia is seen as a revisionist power. Russian objectives are to fracture NATO and the EU, which is important to their survival. The recent US withdrawal from arms agreements is seen as hostile by both Russia and China. Russia has cooperated in some matters with China, Turkey and Israel. Despite the current President's rhetoric, the US has stepped up military cooperation with Poland, Ukraine and the Baltic states, but is still in reactive mode. 

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