Cybersecurity presentation attracts large audience

01 Oct 2018 9:34 AM | Jeremy Lewis (Administrator)

Dr. Pano' Yannakogeorgos, Dean of the new Cyber College at the Air University, presented “A World at War With Itself: The Cyber Threat and Globalization.” With such a topical issue to discuss, there were a number of questions from the audience. Laying out a pattern of widespread and increasing vulnerabilities in US infrastructure and in internet usage, with numerous examples of data breaches, he argued that the US needs to avoid offensive cyber warfare and commit heavily to reducing vulnerabilities both in the internet and in consumers. The internet of things and the forthcoming 5G (fifth generation of the internet, with a leap forward in bandwidth, for the first time led by China) with multiply those vulnerabilities. In Tocquevillian fashion, he placed his faith in lawyers who will oblige industry to close down gaping holes in security. Full notes of the talk are now available in the archives at AWAC.US. 

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