Amb. Jack Matlock spoke to AWAC on Russia

29 Jan 2018 2:20 PM | Jeremy Lewis (Administrator)

Amb. Matlock gave a lively presentation answering several questions concerning Russian involvement in the 2016 US Presidential Election. He explained that, while the Russians may have been in support of the Trump campaign, any tampering with election results was minimal. Additionally, Amb. Matlock provided insight on the distinction  between the end of the Cold War and the fall of the Soviet Union. He explained that the two events were independent of each other and, historically, are separated by approximately two years. He closed the presentation by expounding on the United States' favorable approval rating in Russia, as opposed to other countries, and the reason for the approval rating. Amb. Matlock‚Äôs presentation was stimulating and diminished several assumptions about the Soviet Union and Russia. -- Justala Simpson

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